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2002 Womens Citizen Winner credits LOTOJA for Pro Confidence

Nicole Evans 2002 LOTOJA What Category did you race in 2002? I was in the general Citizen Women category. Our race was mixed with both men and women, however we were scored separately. LOTOJA was my 2nd race ever! When registering I checked out the other women’s finish times and my goal was to win. I went into the race with a very simple strategy; just win the Women’s race. I made some mistakes during my first LOTOJA, I remember not taking any “nature breaks” the entire race. I had to go so bad! Back then I was new to cycling and didn’t get off my bike because I was afraid of losing ground to the other riders. Back in High School and College I used to do a bunch of long races so I should have known better. I also missed the handoff at the last Feed Zone, no fault of my Support Crew, I just didn’t want to lose any ground from my competitors. Towards the finish, I began to struggle with dehydration and feeling like I was bonking. I remember looking at others rider’s water bottles just dreaming of a sip. I was shy and didn’t ask for their water. Nicole took 1st in the Citizen Women category 2003 LOTOJA I still didn’t yet have a coach and did a few more races in 2003 than 2002. My strategy was still simple; to beat returning Women Cat 1-4 Champ Robyn McGee (Mtn Biker from Jackson Hole). We were racing with the men (which was allowed). The sprint was exciting, we had 15-20(both Men and Women) coming into the sprint, I took 1st of the Women 1-4. Because of LOTOJA it gave me confidence and thought I had a chance in this sport. 1st Licensed Women Cat 1-4 What advice would you give to a LOTOJA rider? "I think riders should get in a few centuries during the season. Then about a month leading into LOTOJA pay attention to your body and the nutrition you need. Wear the right cycling clothes for the day. Take a spare tube just in case. You never know if you will flat. Almost nobody has vehicle support." "Also, Don’t be afraid to take “nature breaks” when others do it too."

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