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3 Ways to Prepare for LOTOJA Now

LOTOJA is just a few weeks away and we are all looking for ways to enhance our strength and endurance.  While I don't recommend making drastic changes to your normal routine, there are definitely some adjustments you can make for your benefit.  Here are 3 ways to prepare for LOTOJA now. IMG_2060 1.  Sit Ups.  It's imperative that you build core strength and sit ups can help.  A strong core helps transfer power to your legs and decreases back and neck pain. I've written a complete article regarding sit ups and The Superman Move, be sure to check out the link for some additional tips.  If you haven't focused much on sit ups in your routine, now is a great time to start.  Make those abs burn!  Your body will thank you in the long run. 2.  Miles and Intensity.  This coming week (Aug 11th-19th) is a perfect time to focus on both miles and intensity.  You should be able to manage a hard tempo for 120 miles.  This week, you will only need one day at this length.  The other days, climb some hills in a big gear with a cadence of 50 RPMs; make those tough hill climb days less than 75 miles.  Working on both endurance and strength during this week will make a real difference come September 7th. 3.  Supplements.  Most supplements, including multivitamins, have a build up period.  For example, iron is an important supplement as it carries oxygen through your bloodstream and helps deliver that oxygen to your muscles.  But you have to build up your supply. Endurance athletes are often low on their blood iron count because of their intense endurance training.  I recommend that you begin taking an extra iron supplement to ensure adequate iron is available to help your muscles work properly. Take your multivitamin supplements daily. Endurance360 is a daily staple to my supplement intake.  It helps buffer lactic acid, enhances muscle recovery, reduces fatigue and offers muscle cramp protection.  All of the ingredients are scientifically proven to work as intended. eicon dropsicon e+icon What will you change this week leading up to LOTOJA?

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