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A 24 Hour Sport

Cycling is one of those sports where everything you do and don't do affect your end result. Training itself can become a full time sport, where you are always looking for ways to improve. Everything affects your cycling experience, especially the following (not in any specific order).

1. What you eat/drink
2. Training
3. Equipment
4. Family
5. Sleep
6. Work environment

This attention to detail should be an ongoing idea in your mind. Everybody needs to put more focus on one aspect or another. Some athletes experience a daily work environment where they are outside on their feet and lifting heavy objects . Others experience much of their day at a desk. Depending on your normal daily routine will also determine how you approach your 24 hour training schedule.

Whatever you do it's going to be a balance.  Being an athlete can be a focus for everyone of us, however you may not be training specifically.  For example, you can attend a family event (e.g.. kids soccer game) and still be hydrating.

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