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A Single Gadget to Help You with Recovery

Hi everyone, Cameron Hoffman here. Last summer I got myself a really cool tool that I was initially using for running, weight lifting and other cross training aspects. I found a really cool feature that helped me a lot with recovery. I got a Garmin Vivosmart HR, a really cool watch that does all of the wizbang smart watch features, but one of the best features for recovery is it tracks sleep. I think it uses an accelerometer and heart rate to really know whether you are sleeping or not. It knows if you are tossing and turning during the night. When you wake up and download the information into the Garmin app it will give you a graph of your deep sleep of your not so deep sleep. Of course you are after deep sleep, or sleep in general. That being said, this is great information and helped me understand my sleeping patterns. I started making changes to ensure I'd have a better night sleep. I looked at my pillows, blankets, fan, cooling off the room to maximize sleep and recovery. 

Hope this helps, keep at it. Stay on task, master this recovery technique. It will help you Unlock Your Athletic Potential™

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