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DZ Nuts gets the WinLOTOJA Review!

Review done by Cameron Hoffman LOTOJA Pro 1,2 Winner 2009 finish time 9:02:52 Having used a handful of chamois creams in the past I felt that most creams were too similar to really know the difference. My friend and fellow LOTOJA rider Jeff Bruce (Citizen category in 2009) raved about DZ Nuts and said I should try the product during LOTOJA. As luck had it, DZ Nuts a sponsor of the 2009 LOTOJA, provided a sample in our LOTOJA registration bag. Even though I had never tested DZ Nuts, and I usually don’t try new products before a race (especially LOTOJA), I took my friend’s advice and lathered up. Of course I still questioned, would this cream hold up for 9+ hours? Would I get any saddle sores? Would I feel overly chaffed after a long 206 miles? First Reaction I was pleasantly surprised of the instant cool tingly feeling from the cream. It felt refreshing, cool and clean. My first reaction was, well I hope the tingly feeling doesn’t intensify! It didn’t, in fact, the tingly sensation subsided after about 10 minutes. To this point I had not yet given DZ Nuts the nine hour saddle ride. The Ride For the first few hours the cream was very enjoyable. Everything felt smooth and comfortable. About half way through I began to feel the chamois rub a bit more than the start of the ride. I think the cream absorbed into the chamois and things were not feeling as slick as before. Perhaps I should have applied DZ Nuts more liberally. After 9 Hours I remember that one reason David Zabriskie started DZ Nuts is because he suffered from constant saddle sores. I can also safely report that I did not suffer from any saddle sores. DZ Nuts cleaned up nicely from my “Taint” in the shower and was completely washed out of my racing shorts in the laundry. I have experienced some creams that never completely clean out of my shorts. Overall I was satisfied. I do wish the cream was a little thicker (which may be a little tough to clean out your shorts). More importantly, my “Taint” was clean and without any abnormal chaffing or sores. *For disclosure purposes this was an unpaid review.

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