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Early Season Training Guide

It's that time of year.  Early season training is interesting.  We all go through a range of emotion and physical ups and downs.  Cold weather is in full force and it's tough to find the excitement in the basement, pedaling on a trainer. We stretch to find movies or shows that grab our attention or books that keep our minds occupied.  For some, you've been able to get together with a group to ride trainers indoors.  Lastly, you expierence days that your legs feel great and other days where your legs seem to also lack motivation.  What early season training should you do? 1.  Consistency.  It's the best thing you can do to maintain your fitness or take it to the next level.  During the winter training season, riding for 4-6 days a week will make a huge difference.  Consistency will help your joints and bones adjust and strengthen in time for the upcoming strenuous miles.  You'll then be ready to take on a larger training load as warmer weather arrives. 2.  Base Miles.  Base miles are miles accumulated for 90 days.  These miles are typically a slow to moderate pace.  Don't worry, some fast hard efforts won't hurt your base training effort.  These miles are like any good foundation, you'll need a solid amount of miles before you can really start to crank up the gears.  Like a big pyramid, you've got to have a big base in order to stand tall.  The bigger the base, the more capacity you'll develop. 3.  Weight Lifting.  I am a big fan of weight lifting.  If done with consistency you'll develop strength in areas that were once weaknesses.  Weight lifting doesn't help your initial endurance, however it will kick in when you need to go fast!  If you plan to compete sometime this season, weight lifting will help you build a killer finishing sprint. 4.  Weight loss/Nutrition.  I know this is a tough one.  Most of us struggle to eat properly during the holidays and jump back into good habits.  Don't beat yourself up, but you should start to be consistent with your good nutritional intake.  Get into a habit of eating enough, but nothing more.  Stay a little hungry and get back to eating food you make and cook. You should also start your supplement products to maximize your muscle performance during these critical building weeks.  Stay hydrated as your muscles require lots of liquid to build and repair. Remember to give yourself time to do the above.  A solid 90 days is a proper build up and base mile period.  You don't need to worry about going too hard, but it's advised that you hold off digging into deep red zone.  For now it's time to build that foundation.  Also, you will experience good days and not so good days.  Stay consistent and great riding will follow.

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