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How to Train for LOTOJA with 6 Weeks to Go

With only 6 weeks to go, are you feeling ready?  There's still time to ensure a successful LOTOJA.  At this point in preparation you should have a solid amount of base miles.  Your equipment (bike & clothing) should be ready to go.  Now that we are getting closer to the big 206, it's easy to make sudden changes. Perhaps I can help keep you on track. What should you do for training for the next couple of weeks? 1.  Big Miles 2.  Intensity 3.  Consistency 4.  Nutrition Big Miles:  When I am talking about big miles I don't mean going out for 150, 180 or even 200 big ones.  Nobody really needs to go that far in preparation for LOTOJA.  Realistically, over the next two weeks you need two to four 110-130 mile rides.  Any pace that you'd like.  Go hard or slow.  Race up the hills or take it easy.  For the most part it's all about having a long steady day.  Go for a few long days, enjoy the ride (perhaps with some friends) and extend yourself a bit.
  Intensity:  Recently, I came across a few studies that support the use of intense workouts to help increase endurance.  Using interval or racing as training will help your lungs and muscles adapt to the rigors of a long tough 206.  Over the next couple of weeks set aside a few days with short miles but high intensities.  I would suggest blazing up a short climb about 2-3 minutes long and going hard up that climb 3-5 times.
Consistency:  Like anything else in life, consistency is everything.  To become a solid cyclist and enjoy a successful LOTOJA you'll need to be consistent with your training from here on out.  As a rule of thumb, ride at least 5 days a week without more than 2 consecutive days off. Nutrition:  During your longer days you should hone in your on and off the bike nutritional needs.  Training time is the best time to experiment with any new products or variations.  What bars, gels and sports drink will you use?  How often will you eat during LOTOJA?  What works for your stomach?  What supplements are you or should you be taking.  I would of course recommend Endurance360 for your lactic acid buffering, recovery, muscle endurance and fatigue reduction.  For full effect, it's best to start taking Endurance360 4-6 weeks in advance.  Make your nutrition habits now so that there's no surprises come September 7th. Where will you be heading on your longer rides?  What is your favorite hill to blaze up?

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