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Interview with Nate Pack

Nate Pack Gym Jones How many times have you won your group at LOTOJA? Four to five times (Citizen and Cat 5). I try to go solo after Preston. I make a conscious decision to go it alone and not draft. How do you work your Feed Zones? I like to stop at the Feed Zones, my wife is my support crew. How do you train for LOTOJA? I like to treat LOTOJA as a very long time trial. My coach and trainer, Mark Twight (Owner of Jim Jones Gym) we work hard on the psychological side of LOTOJA. My training is unique, I train so that I don’t have to slow down and go to the bathroom. I try to do 6 to 8 centuries a year at avg, 24 mph. I put a large emphasis on one hour efforts. Interestingly enough, 80% of my training is indoors, I take a very scientific approach and watch my wattage. Would you share any interesting LOTOJA stories? Three years ago my wife was 8 months pregnant. She was a real trooper that year. She’s not only my support but also my inspiration. Any goals for LOTOJA? I want to do 10 LOTOJA’s in a row. I would like to do a solo sub 9 hour. I am happy at the end of the day if I knew I gave it everything I had. I like to know that I suffered hard and did as well as I could. What do you think about while out there solo? I like to stay super focused and think about every pedal stroke. After Preston I am 95% in the drops. I try to spend all of your focus and energy to propelling forward. Any other cycling goals? So far my focus is LOTOJA, Hill Climbs and Time Trials. I would like to get my Cat 3. Any suggestions for LOTOJA riders? Yes, ride a handful of centuries a year.

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