LOTOJA Feed Zone for Support Crew

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LOTOJA Feed Zone for Support Crew

You see a group of riders approach the Feed Zone, instantly you jump up to grab your rider’s requested food and drink, then run to the front of the Feed Zone. You are looking frantically for your rider.
Unfortunately, your rider was not in that group.
A few minutes later and here comes another group.
A whole bunch of planning goes into riding LOTOJA. Sometimes working the LOTOJA Feed Zone can be a tough job. Many of our support crew people are not bike riders and simply lack real Feed Zone experience.
Here are some tips for our beloved Feed Zone support crews:
1. Bring camping chairs and reading material
2. Write down what food and drink your rider wants at each Feed Zone
3. Before the race, designate a location for your food handoff (front or back of the line)
4. Don’t use musset bags, have your rider stop for new bottles and food (much safer for everybody)
5. Expect changes, maybe your rider will ask for gels rather than food, or water instead of their sports drink
6. Lastly, run a quick calculation of when your rider might arrive by using average speeds. Most of the LOTOJA Feed Zones are about 50 miles apart from each other.
a. 15mph avg, it will take 3 hours 20 minutes to go 50 miles
b. 18mph avg, it will take 2 hours 46 minutes to go 50 miles
c. 20mph avg, it will take 2 hours 30 minutes to go 50 miles
d. 23mph avg, it will take 2 hours 10 minutes to go 50 miles
*Remember half of the course is very hilly and your rider may have different average speeds during different parts of the course

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