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Pedaling Efficiency: Top 5 Pointers

As a kid when riding your first BMX bike your only option when pedaling is to push downward.  You weren't clipped in and therefore did not learn anything beyond mashing down as hard as possible.  Now that we have clip less pedals we can all learn to pedal effectively and efficiently.  It takes a focused effort to learn proper pedaling technique.
When asked what 5 Time Tour De France Champ Miguel Indurain thinks about during long 6 hour rides, he said during an interview that he, "Thinks about every pedal stroke."  Obviously, he was very focused on details and the importance of proper pedaling technique.As we currently have to opportunity to watch Le Tour De France and the worlds top cyclists, we also have the opportunity to watch their pedaling technique.  There's a big difference in many of the new debut TDF pros and the seasoned pros.  Take a look at their  pedaling style and smoothness.Top 5 Pointers:
1.  An efficient pedal stroke offers increased power per pedal stroke.
2.  Proper technique decreases and eliminates dead spots.
3.  One leg pedaling can expose severe dead spots and help you smooth them out (optimally done on a trainer).
4.  When you begin putting mental focus on your technique, think of every pedal stroke in terms of a triangle.
5.  Practice, practice, practice.  You muscles will remember over time the technique you are aiming for.  It will start to become natural.
The diagram will show you how to think of each pedal stroke.Will you be making any changes to your pedaling technique?
Debora Adam

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