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Strava is Everywhere

Finally, a cycling website that helps us enjoy training again.  I've always maintained that I train to race. Training can be fun with groups or incredibly scenic back roads, but let's face it, training is largely around busy streets and highways.  Sometimes, we treat ourselves with a nice ride with a group of friends cruising through back roads without the burden of traffic.  For me, 6am can be a lonely time with my iPod.  Now, with Strava, I can open up a whole new world of competition among the best locals or the best in your age category.
Now, Strava has given me a whole new reason to train.  Competition.  I can compete for the fastest times up and down anything, road or mountain.  I use the free Strava app, which records my ride via GPS.  When my ride is complete I can upload my results (map, speed, avg speed, etc) and see how I rank among my peers.  Afterwards I can go into the Strava website and send "Kudos" to others who rode well, or leave a comment about their ride.  You can connect with your friends to see their results, or show off that you just took a KOM from your buddy. Now that I have a new reason to compete with my buddies.  We'll see you on Strava! Watch out!  Taking a KOM may only rattle the nest and motivate your friends to take down your best time. Do you use Strava?

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