USA Masters National Champion PASSES the USADA Clean Athlete Test

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Masters National Champion

Another Endurance360 athlete is tested in competition. See what USADA had to say.

My name is Bryson Perry and I have been racing for a long time now. I have tried all sorts of different supplements over the years and while I felt some worked well I have felt most were a waste of money and I have not been a huge supplement taker because of it. When I do decide to take something, I always do my research on it first, to make sure it is clean. I have always been a strong proponent of keeping racing clean and agree that it is the responsibility of the athlete to know what they eat and what supplements they take are clean. The point is, I hate dopers!

This past year I was working hard to be at my best. After getting beat down pretty good at the first couple national races of the year I knew I would need to work harder and make my training count. I wanted to make sure I got the most out of my limited training and racing. I had heard great things from many other friends and top-level racers that had used the Endurance360 product so I did some research on it and decided I would give it a try.

As per my usual M.O, I didn’t really take it as often as was directed as I just was not used to taking supplements but I tried to take it before each hard ride and before each race. I almost immediately noticed that I seemed to have a little less fatigue after the hard rides and I felt like I could go a little harder and recover from the race efforts just a little faster. I took it on and off for about 4 months from mid-April - July and I was extremely impressed with the results I saw. I’m not going to say they made a 20% difference or anything like that but I do think it made a noticeable difference. I was able to win all three national level races I attended during that time and I capped it all off with a win at the national championship in West Virginia.

After winning the second national race of the year In June, I was selected to be one of several athletes tested by USADA. This has only happened one other time in all the 20+ years I have raced but it was an honor to be tested there. Of course, I had taken the Endurance360 product the day I raced as well as leading up to it. I knew I had nothing to fear and looked forward to getting my results back but I have to be honest it is still scary.

I just hate dopers so bad I would be crushed if I was lumped into the same group. Needless to say, I wasn’t and I'm proud to know that my results are my own, due to my own efforts and hard work and I will gladly be taking Endurance360 as I prepare for my races in 2018 and beyond.

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