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What is recovery and why is it important?


Hey everyone, my name is Cameron Hoffman, I get a lot of questions about recovery.  What is it and why is it important? Recovery is all about repairing your muscle tissues and restoring your body’s energy levels. Why is it important? Recovery is super important and you’ve got to master recovery.  You’ll need to use recovery because your muscle tissues will tear apart, perhaps not a lot, maybe just micro tears. Using recovery properly, you’ll be able to workout from one day, to the next day, to the next day, then maybe some real rest after that. Being able to recover properly and having your full energy stores available from one day to the next day, to the next, then the next will enable you to reach higher highs in your fitness. It is absolutely amazing when you can master recovery, it is everything! Now, you’ve got to recover both your muscles and your energy levels. It’s going to take a lot of effort to master recovery. You can do it and you will unlock your athletic potential!

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